How To Choose Your Office Partitions: 5 Useful Tips

Office screens are one of the fundamental elements when distributing spaces. Whether you build or reform your office, the choice of screens can be decisive. From HMT, we give you 5 useful tips to avoid mistakes.

Clear Ideas For Choosing Your Office Screens

Time is a roller that passes inexorably over everything that surrounds us. What yesterday was the most in demand of all, today it can be something obsolete. Trends in decoration are changing as life itself. The forms and philosophies of working are in constant evolution. The technology applied to our environment does not stop evolving and surprising us with new solutions and features.


And you will ask yourself and reflect what it has to do with your intention to reform the office? Either it has to do with a new execution or to reform the existing one.


If you are already clear that you are going to undertake the reform of the office, it would be advisable that you think about the key to the future, because it can be a very important investment and it would be convenient to have a useful life as wide as possible.


So at this point, it’s time to analyze several aspects of your company or of your future company if you are just starting at this moment. The development of your corporate image together with the philosophy of work and company will be decisive when configuring the space of your office. From this previous work that only you can do, the office screens and office furniture will charge a special role in helping you achieve your goals, becoming in many cases the most impressive image of your company.

5 Tips for Your Office Screens

Not all office screens are the same and may not serve to cover all your needs. It is worthwhile that you spend some time thinking about what will be your day to day activity and thus be able to choose the solution that best suits your work.

  1. Define the Philosophy of Your Office

Possibly, this is the key starting point of any distribution of an office, even long before choosing what the ideal office screens can be. Know if you want to have a clear space where workers interrelate easily with each other or if you want a compartmentalization by work departments or even if you want each worker to have their independent box. Both the typology and the solutions implemented within the office screens will be intimately conditioned by the philosophy you want to print to your office, a philosophy closely related to the philosophy of your own company.


  1. Analyse the Compartmentalization Needs You Have

Regardless of the work philosophy that your company has, it is convenient that you delimit the spaces that you will need to compartmentalize. Meeting rooms, management boxes, resting places, can be areas that cannot be renounced, but at the same time have to be integrated with the rest of the spaces. Analyse both space and the furniture they will have in order to adjust the surface destined for them.

  1. Study the Levels of Privacy You Will Need

There are moments in your company’s day to day activities where privacy is necessary, both internally and with meetings with clients or suppliers. These levels of privacy can affect the sound level as well as visibility. It is essential to take into account these aspects when deciding on some office screens or simply for the options offered by the different models.

  1. Search Functionality

Office screens by definition are highly flexible and adaptable elements because they are elements that are installed without doing works, they admit modifications a posteriori. But the functionality of these elements goes much further. The solutions they offer you are very wide and at the same time, they can have things that at first glance are conflicting: glass screens that transmit a transparent space with an interior curtain guarantees visual privacy at a given moment. This functionality must also be understood as the ability to adapt to your corporate image.

  1. Adjust the Solution to Your Budget

Your economic availability is not a stumbling block. Studying the needs and analyzing the solutions will allow you to optimize your investment. Prioritize your needs, thinking that office screens are easily expandable and adaptable elements. Raising an office in phases is not bizarre. Similarly, adding elements according to the evolution of your needs is possible. Office screens can allow you to develop as you grow as a company


We hope that these 5 tips have been of use to you and if you have any questions let yourself be advised by professionals.

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