New Businesses: How To Save In Office Furniture

They say that crisis sharpens ingenuity and there are those who assimilate this term to the word opportunity. In this sense, if something has been good in this recession of the last decade, it is the rise of the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem where new ideas are launched, introducing products that meet market needs, existing companies to adapt to the new times…


All this has naturally affected the workspaces and the designs, distribution, and decorations of offices, from those that have had to shrink in size when downloading their activities to new ones that need different spaces in which to develop all their creativity.


Since of all the costs that you have when you set up a company, the one where the activity is going to take place is one of the highest (rent, reform, furniture), in this post we are going to focus on how to save on furniture office without the decoration being affected, so you can focus 100% on moving forward to your business without losing a bit of image. Because creativity and design are not at odds with the price.

  1. Co-Working

For embryonic start-ups (if you still didn’t start, get the main ideas of the process), this is the ideal solution. What greater savings in office furniture than not spending anything? The co-working spaces already come with all the mounted furniture, rest areas, meeting rooms and usually, it also includes additional expenses such as Wi-Fi and electricity. In addition, they typically have large well-decorated spaces and very careful furniture.


As of disadvantages, they do not compensate when you have several employees, the image in front of clients is less professional than if you have an office of your own, the storage space is usually scarce and requires certain doses of flexibility, since it requires sharing with others the schedules of meeting rooms or the office.

  1. Furniture Provided or Given Away

If instead you want to set up your own space and look for cheap office furniture, an option to spend the minimum on furniture is to look for a family member or friend to lend you or give away a piece of furniture they do not need like a sofa for the waiting area, a coffee table or a study chair. You can also check if there are companies in liquidation that are trying to get rid of the furniture or look for offices that include in the rental package or the sale of existing furniture.


The advantages, which goes free; the disadvantages, which you cannot choose. There is acceptance of what they give you and it does not always fit the style you want to give them. That is why it is more typical of vintage or informal style offices, where mixing and fusion of styles is the basis so that they do not “sing” furniture from different origins together.


However, to personalize them a bit, you can consider a small cost in reupholstering chairs, armchairs or sofas and repainting tables.

  1. Second-Hand Office Furniture

If wandering around and begging for furniture is not your thing and you do not want to be aware of the Walla pop, there are companies that sell second-hand furniture at reduced prices, which is especially interesting if you’re looking for designer furniture that is usually very expensive and therefore, discounts are most noticeable.

  1. New Low-Cost Furniture

If you prefer cheap but a brand new office furniture, an option to buy them at a lower cost is to go through the office furniture stores and ask if they would sell you one or several exhibition items of furniture. Actually, it is as if they were second-hand, only that they have not been used as such but exposed in store so that customers can see or try them. In most cases, they are usually in perfect condition and you can get a good discount.


The other option is to go to warehouses or big brands with furniture at almost demolition prices. They do not usually have great design options, but if you combine them with some color on the walls of your office, you can get an effect of the most apparent.


  1. Choose a Visual Focus

If you have a spacious office or accounts with unfurnished areas and you want to give your office a touch of design, you can save on furniture using resources of great visual impact and low cost. That will make the eye notice them and not the furniture around them.


A wall full of colorful post-it, a typographic vinyl or a wall decoration with corporeal letters and some visual elements are more than enough to decorate large areas without having to fill them with furniture.

  1. Put the Focus on the Materials

If you have the opportunity to choose an office, choose one in which the original materials of walls, floors or ceilings have the prominence: concrete, exposed brick or any other original texture will give that decorative touch to the office without having to spend a lot of money in acquiring designer furniture. In fact, in these cases, the more neutral the pieces of furniture are (for example, chairs and simple tables in white), the more strength will be acquired by the material.

  1. Sign Up for Color

Choose office furniture, lamps or low-cost carpets of various colors and combine them (or not) with the walls that will make your office look good and professional than just looking neutral.


It is true that this option is not valid for all types of companies, because it projects a more informal and young image than another that uses woods or neutral tones, but the design effect you will get without a doubt and without having to spend a lot of money on furniture.

  1. Take Advantage of Structures

If you are lucky enough to have an office that has structures at a constructive level that you can use as a base for furniture, take advantage of them. You will surely save a lot of money.


This is especially true for waiting or resting areas, armchairs and sofas. If for example, you take advantage of the steps of a staircase or the bases between pillars to place several mattresses and cushions, it will be infinitely cheaper than buying several sofas and at the same time, you will get a most “cool” effect.

  1. Move to the Poufs

If you have large spaces to furnish, a relatively cheap option is to fill them with poufs. They are more economical than sofas or armchairs and allow to recreate large areas of waiting or relaxation for little money. The good, which serve both as a seat and as tables.


As you can see, the design is not at odds with the price. In relation to finding some images of design offices with furniture of all styles, you can get ideas by searching the internet and probably find the pieces of furniture that best suit your preference.

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