Tips for the Maintenance of Office Furniture

Tips for the Maintenance of Office Furniture

In order to prolong the usefulness and good condition of the office furniture, some preventive measures and constant maintenance can be applied. Here, we share some ideas.

Desk Covers, Storage Furniture and Other Elements of Plastic Laminate

Furniture with this type of finish requires very simple maintenance: a sponge or flannel is moistened with a mixture of water with neutral soap or another cleaner that does not contain abrasive agents. It is used to clean the furniture and then dried with another cloth or flannel. As for the third stage, the furniture can be rubbed with a very soft dry cloth. It will help to make the furniture shiny. It is essential to measure the amount of water. You should not use too much, especially on the banks, since it can go through the wood and the inner layers of the boards.

It is not advisable to use oils or waxes on the plastic laminate, since it is not a porous material and therefore, it will not be absorbed, leaving the surface “dirty”.

As a tip for people who work on this type of surfaces, it is recommended to place a cup holder if you are going to consume a cup of hot tea or coffee, to avoid the material from having marks or damaged.


The most used fabrics in offices are acrylic and polyester fibers. So, the best way to keep them clean is to vacuum at least every 15 days or cleaning with a slightly damp cloth to avoid the accumulation of dust.

In the event, that any liquid falls on the cloth, a rag or a wet sponge can be placed so that the spilled liquid is absorbed little by little with slight pressure. If the stain takes several days, it will then be necessary to rub it off with a foam and some detergent solution. Remove stains and carve until it disappears, starting from the outside of the stain and towards the center. In the case of detergent removers, it is recommended to do a small test first to confirm that the fabric will not fade.

You can always consider the budget and very effective ways to maintain your office furniture using these easy tricks.

Metallic Elements with Electrostatic Painting

The maintenance of these pieces should be done using a sponge or wet flannel to clean with a mixture of water and neutral soap. You have to rub, then rinse with clean water and finally dry well.

Electrostatic painting does not require waxing or polishing and it resists very well when it is in interior spaces. Be careful not to use abrasive substances and that the cloth to be used is very soft to avoid scratching the paint.


The chair fabrics are cleaned the same way as the rest of the upholstery elements. It is recommended to check that the screws and mechanisms are in place and the plastic parts should be cleaned with a cloth or sponge with water and neutral soap, then dry.

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